The Wandering Barman

Acquaint and entertain colleagues, clients, customers and friends with this unique learn & laugh hands-on cocktail workshop and stand-up comedy experience.

Chris Davis combines over a decade of performing stand-up comedy and professional cocktail making to bring you The Wandering Barman. A one-hour show that lets you taste, make and understand the art of cocktail making whilst bringing with it a large dose of story-telling and jokes from a Scottish comedian bartender living in Berlin.

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The Wandering Barman comes to you!

The Wandering barman can set up anywhere. This means office spaces, common rooms, terraces, living rooms, convention halls, boats, abandoned factories, even from the back of a car are all possibilities. 

The Wandering Barman brings everything to the event including glassware, alcohol, bar equipment, staff and, if required, even ice! 



You come to The Wandering Barman

The Wandering Barman can alternatively offer a space for your event. Options include gallery spaces, private halls, or bar and restaurant environments. It is also possible to collaborate with caterers to provide high quality fusion finger food – perfect for welcome canapés or hors d’œuvres. Naturally, this depends on geographic location, how much time is given in advance and your own financial budget.


performance reviews


“Chris Davis weaves Comedy Gold in the true Scottish comic tradition”

Live in Berlin

Live in Berlin

“Triumph of style”



“Sharp social observations and energetic story telling”

Sunday Herald

Sunday Herald

“Guaranteed laughter”



“A true host till the end”

The Local

The Local

“Fizzling and physically manic”

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

“You loved him, we loved him, everybody loved him”

Quatsch Comedy Club

Quatsch Comedy Club

“ A down-to-earth character who embodies everything it means to be a true Scottish comedian”

Broadway Baby

Broadway Baby

January 2017

“Davis is entertainment with a capital E.”



“Our clients were thrilled with the professionalism of this entertaining show – a great ice-breaker as we laughed, learned, and tasted some inspiring drinks.”

Jonathan Courtney – CEO A&J Smart

Jonathan Courtney – CEO A&J Smart

Latest Cocktails

Match yer Beat

Matcha, Vodka, Aquavit, White Chocolate Liqueur, Vanilla Syrup, Egg White, Lime, Beetroot Dust

Sake & Ginger Sour

Pisco, Sake, Lime, Homemade Ginger & Honey Syrup, Egg White, Amargo bitters

The Viscount

Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe, Brandy, Angostura

Cardamom Pisco Sour

Pisco, Lime Juice, Cardamom Syrup, Aquafabe, Dash Ginger Beer

The Marzipanic

Bourbon, Amaretto, Homemade Passion Fruit Juice, Carrot Juice, Lemon, Celery & Mint

Pimms Me Up

Pimms, Shisho, Japanese Basil, Berries, Lime, Ginger Ale

The Three C’s

Gin, Vermouth, Lime Juice, Chamomile Tea Syrup, Aquafabe, Cucumber and Charcoal with an egg whip drip

Burberry Nutcase

Bourbon, Sherry, Homemade Orgeat, Sage Syrup, Lime and Dried Plum


Gin, Apricot Brandy, Peychaurds Bitter, Lime, Dried Rosemary & Apricot crisp

Marmalade Gin

Gin, Vermouth, Homemade Marmalade Syrup, Lemon, Egg White, Lime & Lemongrass Ginger

Cranberry Mojito

Cranberry Pulp, Sloe Gin, Mint, Lime, Homemade Ginger & Honey Syrup

Nutmeg Panela

Rum, Homemade Panela Syrup, Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur, Walnut Bitters & Nutmeg served over a Coffee Ice Cube

Hazelnut & Coconut Whip

Coffee Liqeuer, Brandy, Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream, Hazelut Liqeuer, Coconut Whip & Chocolate Shaving

Hanging Plums

Plum Liqueur, Plum Bitters & Tonic Water

Rhubarb Tiki

Rum, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Rhubarb Syrup, Lime Juice, Dried Pineapple & Pomegranate

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About The Show

The show itself is an exploration into professional cocktail making and what you learn, can be taken home and shown to others. The Wandering Barman explores elements of cocktailing such as creating tinctures, bitters, infusing alcohol, juice mixing and homemade syrups. All of this is mixed in with hilarious story-telling, jokes about the bar keeping world and providing an opportunity for audience members to taste and help mix drinks.

 The Wandering barman can cater for 20 to upwards of 500+ people. Each event can be tailored to suit your needs, whether it is for clients, customers, for your own team & employees or family and friends.

Find out more by watching The Wandering Barman video 


About Me

Chris Davis is a Scottish comedian and cocktail barkeeper based in Berlin. His bar career spans over a decade from working in the dingiest and darkest of dive bars, to high end brothels, from wine bars, to the fine dining cocktail experience of Michelin star restaurants – all of which provide for an array of interesting stories.

Chris began his comedy career in 2011 and quickly became a touring comedian through Germany and Europe. In 2013 he was a finalist in The  Scottish Comedian of the Year Award, took his solo shows to Edinburgh and Glasgow Fringe festivals in 2014 and 2015 and in early 2016 created the unique spectacle that is The Wandering Barman.

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